Best Double Bike Trailer – Review & Top Picks

Double Bike Trailer Buying Guide

Taking your toddler outside for some fresh air and physical activity can be time-consuming, especially if you’re on a tight schedule. This can become even a bigger problem if you have twins, but it can be solved easily with the best double bike trailer. You can use it as a stroller or drive it around with your bicycle, what’s not to like?

Picking the best trailer can be hard, especially if you know almost nothing about them. But that’s why we’re there! Not only that we’re going to review some of the best ones, we will also show you which features are the best. This way you will not only choose between models easier, you will also have a better understanding of the best double bike trailer models.

Features To Look Out For

There are several features when it comes to trailers. If you’re searching for a double bike trailer, you will encounter even more features compared to the single-seat variant. Essentially, all features are focused on safety, but there are some things that will also make it easier to use. Here are some of the most important parts of a trailer’s construction:

  • Size
  • Attachments
  • Venting
  • Construction
  • Brakes

Trailer Size

​The most common difference when it comes to size is the number of seats a trailer has. Different models will have a different amount of headroom for your child to move around, but there is always a general size applied. If you only have one child, the best bet for you is a single trailer. It is more affordable and lighter, but it offers less storage space.

​If you have multiple toddlers then you will need a double seat trailer variant. They often offer a capacity of 80 to 100 pounds and have more storage. They are wider, heavier and have a higher price because of that.


​Accessories are always popular and available to buy, the same can be said for trailers too. Double bike trailers tend to have a lot of attachments available, some of them come included as well. Here are some of the most notable attachments that you will encounter:

  • ​Attached Swivel Wheel
  • Stationary Jogging Wheel
  • Swivel Three Wheel Stroller
  • Swivel Four Wheel Stroller

Attached swivel wheels are essentially just a small plastic swivel that is connected to the arm of your trailer. You can pull it out at any time and transform your trailer into a stroller. A Jogging wheel attachment is a bit different because all three wheels are getting replaced.

The front wheel is larger and sturdier, the same can be said for the rear wheels. This is made so that you can ensure stability even at high speeds and unfriendly areas. The three wheels and four-wheel swivel stroller attachments are just variants. You can choose to buy either as they don’t differentiate in quality and don’t offer a significant difference.


The covers should always be made out of high-quality materials that fight off bad weather while keeping fresh air in. The covers are usually made either out of plastic rain covers or they’re made as a sunshade. Sometimes you will even encounter retractable windows made out of plastic that block UV lights.


The construction and quality of materials used are most important things so far. Not only do they ensure the longevity and durability of your trailer, it will also ensure that your toddlers are safe. Since you always need to search for a lightweight solution, there isn’t a great variety when it comes to materials. Commonly, trailers can be found in the following options:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Plastic and other sturdy materials

The best solution is Aluminum, as it is both lightweight and sturdy. Most trailers are actually made out of aluminum. Since the best double bike trailer models tend to weigh a lot, they’re made out of aluminum too. Steel can be a great alternate option because it will cost less, but don’t expect it to not weigh a lot.

You will never encounter trailers entirely made out of plastic, but you may see some models are mostly built out of it. This should be always avoided as plastic trailers are not reliable, especially if you’re buying a double seat version. Since safety is the number one feature you should look for, never go cheap on the material when it comes to trailers.


Brakes will also be an important feature when it comes to safety measures. Most trailers don’t have brakes, but since you’re looking for a double seat version you will definitely find one. Some brands go cheap when it comes to brakes, but some put a lot of effort on them. These brake variants are the most popular ones:

  • Hand brake
  • Foot brake
  • Parking brake

A parking brake is usually just straps surrounding the rear tire that prevent your stroller from rolling away. You will find this brake system on most low-quality trailers, you should avoid them. Foot brakes might prove to be more useful, but the best option is to go for a hand brake.

What we recommend

​Now that you know all the ins and outs of the best double bike trailer models, you can meet the top models. In order to make buying easier for you, we have researched the most popular models and listed both positive and negative sides.

InStep Take 2 Double Bicycle Trailer

The Take 2 bicycle trailer from InStep is a two-seat trailer that makes going out easier.

You can either use this trailer with your favorite bicycle and ride in your city, or you can stroll it around with attachments. It has a special folding frame that comes with quick release wheels, making it easier for you to store it.

​It also comes in multiple colors and has a weather shield that protects your toddlers. The wheels are 16-inch sizes and provide smooth rides. In total, this trailer can hold up to 80 pounds, a universal coupler attachment can be bought as well.

Pros Cons
  • Windows on the sides provide a nice view, the bug and weather shield will also be useful

  • Tires are big enough and have molded rims that won’t distract you with bumps

  • It is incredibly easy to store it away after you’re done using it

  • Weight capacity is enough to support younger toddlers

  • Straps and buckles are difficult to adjust and use

  • Tires won’t be as efficient on rough terrain

  • Some customers complained that the rear tires kick up dirt and other debris


Allen Sports Premium

With an aluminum frame, Allen Sports presents you a lightweight option that still has the strength to support two toddlers. The wheels are large at 20 inches and there is a footbed that provides extra comfort

The front and side windows and quite large and provide you the safety you need.

You can even convert this trailer into a stroller with a swiveling front wheel. This trailer can support two kids at 50 pounds each. A universal coupler is also included which makes it easier to connect the trailer to your bike.

Pros Cons
  • Lightweight design made out of aluminum which is quite durable
  • Connecting it with your bike is made easier with the included universal coupler
  • You can convert it easily into a stroller with the included equipment
  • 20-inch wheels will make rides comfortable even on rough terrain
  • The windows don’t have a bug repellant
  • There is no system that allows you to fold it for easier storage
  • While the back tires are real ones, the front tire is made out of plastic
  • There is no brake system available on this model

Burley Kids’ Honey Bee Trailer

Burley Design features a trailer that can be easily converted into a stroller with their 1-wheel stroller kit. When it comes to strolling, you will find an ergonomic handlebar that can be used conveniently by anyone.

When you’re doing using the trailer, you can even fold it into a compact form for easier storage.

​Both sides of the windows are tinted and rated at UPF 30. Wheels are quite large at 20 inches and they can be quickly removed. A quick release system is implemented where it only takes a button to remove the wheels.

Pros Cons
  • Handlebar for strolling is adjustable and can be used by any adult

  • Hammock style two seats that allow a lot of space

  • Can be easily connected to your favorite bike

  • The wheels can be removed at the push of a button and the trailer can be folded

  • The brake system is at a minimum, you’re only getting a parking brake system

  • There is no additional storage space provided on the trailer

  • Due to the weight capacity, it is a better option for young toddlers


​Smooth Sailer Child Trailer

​If you’re looking for a safe and durable trailer that offers two seats and a high weight capacity, then you’re looking at the perfect model.

The Smooth Sailer Child Trailer from Beel features 2 seats plus an area for cargo. You can convert this trailer into a stroller which can support up to 100 pounds. The assembly is also quite minimal.

​A 5-point harness system is present in this trailer, which means that you have everything that you need for a safe experience. The trailer is made out of durable steel and the wheels are also weather resistant. A quick release system will help you with disconnecting this trailer from your favorite bike.

Pros Cons
  • The trailer is extremely easy to assemble and doesn’t take too much time

  • You will have enough space for both your toddlers and enough room for cargo

  • Weight capacity is really high at up to 100 pounds

  • You can quickly connect and disconnect this trailer with your bike

  • Wheels are durable and weather resistant

  • Although the construction is durable with a steel frame, it isn’t lightweight

  • There is no brake system available on this trailer model

  • The weather protector isn’t as efficient as other models

Allen Sports Steel Bicycle Trailer

This time we’re not seeing an aluminum construction from Allen Sports, but a steel one. Although it is made out of steel, it is still marketed as lightweight.

Although the case isn’t entirely correct, we do have to say that it weighs less than other steel models. There are two seats available which means that you can enjoy a maximum weight capacity of 100 pounds.

​A safety harness and safety flag are included in the deal. The wheels are only 16 inches big, they might not be perfect for rough terrains but they’ll do the job in urban areas.

The entire trailer can be folded and the wheels can be removed at the press of a button.

Pros Cons
  • There is a strap in the middle in case that you only ride with one child

  • Comes included with a coupler that makes it easier to connect with a bike

  • Construction quality is well made and very durable with a steel construction

  • There are rear pockets for extra storage

  • There is no brake system included in this model

  • Might be too tight for two kids, we recommend it for younger toddlers

  • Wheels are smaller compared to different models



​Trailers are an ideal product, no matter if you want to ride your bike with them or transform them into a stroller. You can finally transport your kids now and have them stay safe in trailers made out of high-quality materials. If you have twins then the best double bike trailer models will be the best purchase you have made for them.

​If we had to recommend the best product, then it would definitely have to be the Smooth Sailer Child Trailer. Assembling it is one of the easiest things you can do and the space available and weight capacity is quite remarkable. Not only that you have enough space for two toddlers, you even have cargo room for your daily items. With its lightweight design made out of aluminum, it becomes even a better option.