Best LEGO Car Sets For Kids

Boys Love Cars & Building Stuff.  We Combined The Two With These Awesome LEGO Car Sets

If your child loves LEGO or building toys, the top 10 Best LEGO Car Sets For Kids is a must. Your little one will have an imaginative, crazy-fun time building all sorts of LEGO cars, including race cars and even the classic Mustang!

Building toys help your kiddos master their motor skills and enhance their imaginations–seriously, what is not to love? Don’t be surprised if your younglings spend hours erecting car after car….just be careful when walking into their rooms! The dreaded stabbing via LEGO piece is something many parents have experienced. Avoid this common problem by making it abundantly clear that LEGOS go in the appropriate bins, not the floor where any unsuspecting person can step on them. 

The Winners – Our Favorites

After spending almost 22 hours testing (including eight fun hours with my boys) it was clear that all of these toys are awesome and picking a winner was going to be hard. LEGO makes awesome toys so you really cannot go wrong with any of the top choices (or the alternatives below). I loved the LEGO City Police Station the most because not only did my boys get to build it, but they had so much fun getting into character and role playing. With the other sets they had fun building the cars and trucks but quickly got bored.


LEGO City Police Station 60141

The LEGO City Police Station 60141 starts off our list! This amazing building toy comes with a three-section, three-level police station that even includes two jail cells with toilets! Cars and other modes of transportation include a police pursuit car, police motor bike, police helicopter, and a “crook’s” truck.

Accessories include three sets of handcuffs, camera, four mugs, two walkie-talkies, wrench, crowbar, lollypop sign, and two dynamite sticks. This kit also includes seven mini figures, including a police dog!

Your kiddo will undoubtedly have a great time piecing this set together–heck, you may want to join in the fun! The pieces are fun, the instructions are clear, and everything looks great on display. A real winner…for sure. Buy from $100

LEGO Juniors Police Truck Chase

The LEGO Juniors Police Truck Chase is an easy-to-build option featuring a police truck with a holding cell in the back.

The cell opens from the top and features space for a mini figure as well as a motorcycle. The set comes with two figures total–a police officer and a crook carrying jewels. They can add it to their current LEGO collection or use it to start one! The police officer comes with handcuffs and a walkie-talkie.

The included guide makes it easy for little kids to assemble this LEGO kit and spend hours playing with it. Kits like these are also great for helping children learn to follow printed instructions. Buy from $28

LEGO Juniors Police Truck Chase

This is a kit comprised of many fun pieces. You will find two mini figures–a driver and a dealer–as well as an auto transporter, two sports cars, and accessories such as a clipboard and briefcase.

The auto transporter is particularly cool, as it features lowering ramps, opening doors, and a detachable trailer. Your youngling will have oodles of fun loading LEGO cars of all kinds on and off the transporter.

It is easy to assemble and will undoubtedly become a collection favorite! This kit is a great option if your little one already has numerous LEGO cars and needs a way to “transport them professionally.” Buy from $100

LEGO Speed Champions Ford Mustang GT

Last but certainly not least, this race-ready Ford Mustang features a removable windshield, authentic pony logo and headlight stickers, and two sets of interchangeable wheel trims.

It also comes with a a Ford racing driver mini figure! Accessories include the Ford Mustang GT driver’s helmet, timing board displaying the quarter-mile time, and a wrench.

Yes, the kit only features room for one mini figure, but who the heck cares? This outstanding set is just too cool and makes a great addition to any LEGO race car collection. Don’t be surprised if your kiddo’s face lights up upon receiving this kit! Buy from $36

Some Other Great Options We Loved

LEGO rarely makes bad toys so it is not surprise that the competition for top honors was tough. It is also not surprising then that we had a hard time not creating a second list of LEGO car sets that didn’t “quite” make the winner list but are still awesome. Below is that list.  

LEGO City Great Vehicles Racing Bike Transporter

The LEGO City Great Vehicles Racing Bike Transporter is another excellent option for “transporting” LEGO bikes. It features a pickup truck with a ramp, two race bikes, trailer with a folding ramp, podium, and trophy. Cool little accessories include two crash helmets, a wrench, and a fire extinguisher. Nifty, right?

Whether your child is new to the world of LEGOs or simply wants to add to his or her burgeoning collection, this racing bike transporter set is a wonderful choice. Get involved with the building if you want…you may find you love the classic toy just as much as your kiddo! The little ‘un will be busy for hours assembling and playing with this toy. It’s truly a great kit. Buy from $39

LEGO City Race Car

The super-cool, colorful race car features never-before-seen wheels AND an adjustable spoiler. The spoiler is designed to keep this awesome little car on track. Other kit components include a race car driver mini figure complete with a helmet and trophy. The race car doors open easily so the little driver can fit inside.

Who knows, this LEGO race car may become the crown jewel in your child’s LEGO collection because it’s just so darn awesome. Have fun putting it together with your youngling or simply giving it as a fun present. Regardless, this kit is 100% worth the price.  Buy from $22

LEGO CITY 4 x 4 Off Roader

This LEGO CITY kit includes a 4 x 4 off roader (surprise!) with opening doors and a removable spare tire. Other kit components include two mini figures–a driver and a mechanic–as well as a tool wagon, octane pit flag, scorpion (yep), gasoline barre, and a sandbar.

Your kiddo can have fun “checking the tire and gas levels” before crossing the finish line for the win! The truck rolls perfectly upon assembly, and it is just plain fun to build besides. There’s nothing to complain about with this kit–it makes a great gift for any LEGO-loving kid!  Buy from $35

LEGO Creator Fast Car

Up next is the black, yellow, and white LEGO Creator Fast Car 31046, which is just too cool. The resulting car is equipped with alloy-look rims, low-profile tires, large spoiler, opening scissor doors, opening hood with detailed engine, large driver’s cab, and a fold-down roof. The cab features space for two mini figures (not included).

A three-in-one LEGO toy, this fast car also turns into a pickup truck and a skid loader. Awesome! Your youngling will probably spend several hours assembling and reassembling this super-fun toy, and may periodically switch it up once it is on display. It’s a great toy. Yup.  Buy from $35

LEGO Creator Red Racer 31055 Building Kit

This Red Racer is a super-sporty red car that also comes in three incarnations, including a race truck. Features a sporty design with rear engine, round headlights and an adjustable rear spoiler.

We love that it is a 3-in-1 model: rebuilds into a Tow Truck or a Race Car with easy three-part modular design for quick model reconfiguration. It comes with a rear engine, adjustable rear spoiler, and round headlights. As with other LEGO three-in-one kits, this option is designed to inspire kids into building new things. It makes a great gift and will keep your kiddo plenty busy.  Buy from $14

Kids Learn A Lot Playing With LEGO

Building LEGO toys helps children master their motor skills. Fine motor skills are developed with LEGO. Because LEGO sets are also infinitely expandable we find children will help improve their imagination and creativity skills.  Before testing the toys on this list I would not have listed role playing as something that kids learn with LEGO, but seeing first hand how my boys acted out scenes and had absurdly fun stories they were really getting into convince me. Kids definitely get creative and act out fun scenes.

The beauty of LEGO sets is that you can customize and create whatever you want. Amid all the lengthy lists of toys you can buy little boys, adding more LEGO to their collection never ends badly. It is a safe gift for any parent or grandparent to buy. I’d recommend you buy a kit that is age appropriate simply to make life easier for the kids and parents in terms of putting things together. 

Our Research Process

We spend a lot of time researching and talking to parents to find the best toys. From the initial selection process through to testing and even having kids play with the toys, we try to make sure we cover all basis. For this LEGO car project we spent about 20 hours on research and testing before picking our winners.