Gifts, Toys & Gear for Preschoolers

Kids ages 3-5 are independent and are quick to tell us exactly what toys, clothes and games they want. You know they need a good balance of fun (all those little cheap toys we hate so much) and education. Explore our guides and reviews that include top books, top toys, and top activities for your preschooler. 

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Top 10 Outdoor Playhouses

This is when it gets hard. Your preschooler is outgrowing their clothes so fast and they are changing their mind constantly.  Plus, you feel like it is your job to constantly keep them entertained and learning all at the same time. These are some of our team’s must-haves to keep your kid well rounded and happy.  Plus, just a couple treats that we have come to love.

Favorite Shoes

Native Jefferson Slip On

These shoes are awesome. The kids can put them on themselves, they wash off if they get dirty, work as water shoes, come in a ton of colors and look cute too! 

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Favorite Tech Play

Osmo Creative Kit with Monster Game

Osmos is everything that it seems. Kids love screen time and Osmos has found the perfect combination of fun while learning. There are several “games” made for the docking set, but the Monster art game is really engaging for a 3-6-year-old (some are meant for older kids). A funny monster talks to them and showcases their artwork right on the iPad after they draw on the whiteboard. It doesn’t require much instruction from an adult, so this makes for a good project to keep the little ones busy for 30 minutes. 

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Favorite Bike or Scooter

Outon Kick Scooter For Kids

We have found this scooter to be perfect for 2-years-olds all the way to 8-year-olds, however, the real sweet spot is age 4-5. The cool thing about this is model is the lights. As your child learns to go faster, the wheels light up. Pretty neat. Also, it is really lightweight, the handle adjusts in height and kids quickly learn how to use their body weight to turn left and right. It comes in many colors too! 

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Favorite Nighttime Aid

It’s About Time Stoplight Alarm Clock

Who has a 3-5 year old that doesn’t sleep through the night or beyond 5 am? This clock has been a great way to keep the little one in bed. For those kids who are advanced, the time appears like a regular clock but for those who are younger, there are red, green and yellow lights that indicate when it is time to get out of bed. Parents can pick wake-up times and choose to alert kids with music or just a green light. 

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Favorite Gear

Nalgene Tritan Water Bottle

How many water bottles have you bought your preschooler? Some leak, some are too hard to open and some just go missing. We have bought countless bottles, but more recently have been sticking to use this Nalgene Tritan model. There is no flip top, no straw and it doesn’t spill. It is super reasonably priced too and comes in tons of colors your preschooler will love. 

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Best Energy Burner

7-Foot Trampoline

Ok, when one of our Moms put this in her basement, we thought she was crazy. Sacrifice all the space for an indoor trampoline? After this last Winter, now consider her brilliant. This trampoline is built similar to the large outdoor metal models, easily holds 3-4 preschoolers and is easy to push around to different parts of the basement or yard. We love the mesh sidings and the fact that an adult can even get inside without breaking the trampoline. 

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