Education Apps

Education Apps

Education Apps for Kids

Children learn best when they are open-minded and having fun. That’s why we’ve developed a list of the Best Educational Apps for Kids. This collection allows your child to grow and develop important analytic and cognitive skills while playing games and having fun. These apps build on the foundation laid in the classroom to help your child excel in learning outside of the classroom environment.


Math Apps

Mickey’s Magical Math World

Ages: 3+. Toddlers can practice counting skills, learn shapes, explore numbers and more all alongside their favorite Disney friends. It’s an amazing space adventure filled with the opportunity to be introduced to the most simple of mathematic concepts. iTunes 

Mystery Math Town

Ages: 7+. This gaming app is the perfect way to fulfill daily math practice. Solve the problems, explore the town and solve the mystery!  iTunes 


Math 42

Ages: 13+. Instead of a private tutor, download Math 42 to help you middle school, high school and college-aged student with their skills. And it does so with only a fraction of the cost. iTunes Google Play 


Science Apps


Ages: 4+. Featuring several apps and several different topics, GazziliScience is the perfect introduce to the wonders of science. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the amount of new vocabulary the little ones will learn after an evening with this app. iTunes 


DK The Human Body

Ages: 10+. Learn all about the human-body within this award-winning app that provides stunning visuals and lots of great information too. Kids will have fun while learning about all the ins and outs of their own body. iTunes

Solve the Outbreak

Ages: 14+. Your teens become “disease detective” in this fun and innovative app. Developed by the CDC, the game puts kids at the center of the chaos, solving new scenarios and using clues to build connections. iTunes Google Play 


Special Education Apps

Bugs and Buttons

Ages: 2+. With 18 mini games and activities to choose from, kids will get to explore, count, recycle, get through mazes and more with their insect friends. There are lots of fun challenges within this app but without all the frustration. iTunes Google Play

1 on 1: Communicate Easy

Ages: All. Providing visual prompts, pictures, sounds and more to help with decision making and schedules, this app targets those with on the autism spectrum as well as those ADD, ADSD and other special needs conditions.  iTunes 

Doodle Buddy

Ages: All. There’s so much to love and get creative with throughout Doodle Buddy. Which is its purpose, allowing kids to stretch them imagination and get outside their comfort zone with play. iTunes 


Learning Time Apps

Zcooly Time Ranch

Ages: 5+. Learning to tell time becomes lots of fun with this app filled with lovable characters. Help care and feed the animals on the farm by keeping the schedule just right. iTunes 


Charlie Jumped Out of the Clock

Ages: 6+. Follow along with the charming story and learn how to tell time too! With this app, kids will be entertained while learning all there is to know about the clock. iTunes 


Todo Telling Time

Ages: 6+. Follow along with the charming story and learn how to tell time too! With this app, kids will be entertained while learning all there is to know about the clock. iTunes Google Play


Learning Money Apps

Gozoa Goes Shopping

Ages: 5+. Solve problems and cash out some gold coins before you go shopping! Find the perfect outfit, mix and match and have a blast with Gozoa. Google Play 

Roxy and the Ballerina Robot

Ages: 6+. Follow along with Roxy as she saves up to buy her dream toy. Kiddos will have a lot of fun learning about money and the value of earning. iTunes Google Play


Keep the Change

Ages: 6+. Within this puzzle app, kids will learn how to start recognizing coins and quick counting skills. Have your little one dive on into the fun and start learning about money today. iTunes Google Play  


Phonics Apps

Super Why!

Ages: 3+. Your kiddos get to go on an adventure with this one. Fine tune fine motor skills, use a bit of imagination and test out some vocabulary as well!  iTunes Google Play 

Speech with Milo

Ages: 5+. This app was designed to help children practice their language. Developed by a licensed speech pathologist, children with language delays will benefit greatly from little Milo.. iTunes Google Play



Ages: All. You can learn a new language with this fun and free app. And there are lots of different languages to choose from including French, Italian and Spanish. iTunes Google Play 


Reading Apps

Safari Tales - literacy skills through creative play3Safari Tales – literacy skills through creative play

Ages: 6+. Safari Tales follows in the fossilised footsteps of the award-winning Dino Tales and opens up a world of exploration, learning and story-telling across the African savanna. Seen through the eyes of five cute baby animals, Safari Tales sets young safari adventurers free to explore a fertile African world. There is a multitude of games. Read ReviewRead ReviewiTunes


4th-5th Grade Reading Comprehension4th-5th Grade Reading Comprehension

Ages: 8+. This reading comprehension app has twenty stories about social studies. You can also create and add your own stories to the app. Each story has about 800-1000 words. Each story introduces new vocabulary and concepts, and is followed by a set of exercises that measure the student’s comprehension. The exercises include multiple choice questions, true/false questions and matching exercises. Read Review, iTunes

Clue Story – Interactive Novel with Riddles

Ages: 10+. Make reading and comprehension a bit more fun with Clue Story. Kids won’t even realize that they’re testing and flexing their literary muscles within this interactive storybook. The user reads but also becomes the main character – and investigator – which makes that them much more invested in the plot. Read a chapter, watch a video, solve a riddle and repeat; you’re in a control of the entire story. iTunes

Spelling Apps

Avokiddo ABC RideAvokiddo ABC Ride

Ages: 5 & under. Have you ever seen the letter E hatched from an egg? How about a K popping out of a kangaroo’s pouch? Bike with characters. iTunes Google Play Read Review

Sushi Scramble- ​Word GameSushi Scramble: Word Game

Ages: 6+. Grab some friends and an iPad, and get ready for a fast-paced and unique word-building game for 2-4 players. Collect letters from the circling sushi boats and build words to serve hungry customers and score points. Learn phonics and spelling through collaborative play, or get competitive with up to four players! Work with a friend to complete objectives, such as building five words using the letter Z – harder than it seems.  Read ReviewiTunes

Word Ball

Ages: 9+. A fun word game for nearly all ages, Word Ball challenges players to build words. Three letters and up, you’ll be learning and fine-tuning new and old vocal as you play. iTunes


Writing Apps

Write My Name

Ages: 4+. Write My Name is a really fun way to practice handwriting! Perfect for kids 4 – 6, sight words are also sharpened throughout the activities.   iTunes


MakestoMakesto By Makesto ​Infotech

Ages: 6+. Makesto is an incredibly creative story building app that allows children to be the author, illustrator, and producer of their own creations. With loads of features including pictures, drawing, voice record, and the ability to share their creations with others, this app offers loads of creative freedom for children of all ages.  Read ReviewRead ReviewiTunes


Word Creativity Kit – Play with languageWord Creativity Kit – Play With Language

Ages: 9+. Word Creativity Kit is a creative writing App for the poets and writers of the future. It gives the user a chance to think outside of the box, create found poetry, fill the head with new ideas, laugh at silly sentences and have fun. Word Creativity Kit is based on the concept of random stimulus in creative writing, such as Random entry technique for lateral thinking. Open-ended activities meant to stimulate creative thinking. Read ReviewiTunes