FirstBIKE Balance Bike – Limitied Bike with Brake

The Breakdown




Children are the assets of future. And if they are restricted in the bars of house from childhood they will never learn how to change the world. The first step of changing the world has to be taught in childhood. To expose your children to the world and to make them fearless balance bikes are invented which teaches them how to balance and steer their bike.


What is FirstBike?

FirstBike is another result of great German technology. At first look you will find that the bike has a very sleek design and modern looking. The bike also packs some very useful features that ensure a safer riding experience. They are giving a lifetime guarantee on frame and fork of the bike.

With FirstBIKE, customers are benefitted greatly. First of all, there are some safety features that assure lesser chance of accidents. The bike frame has a lifetime guarantee. Parents can choose their child’s favorite color out of 14 different colors. Parents can also buy some extra accessories from the store according to their need. The composite frame feels like really luxurious.

Highlights Features of FirstBIKE Limitied Bike with Brake

FirstBIKE Limited Bike has a composite frame which is extremely flexible and weatherproof.

The bike has air pressurized tire for better riding. There is also a steering limiter to limit the steering capability to a safer angle.

U-Shaped saddle, mudguards, sealed bearings, effective lowering kit, soft brake, this all are part of a great biking experience from FirstBIKE.

Pros and Cons

The modern looking design is a great advantage of the bike over other competitors.



  • Flexible composite frame is found to be durable enough to withstand the pressure of a grown up man standing and jumping on it.
  • FirstBIKE Limited Bike also has some nifty safety features of its own. Steering limiter helps the parents to remain less worried about accidents because it limits the steering angle.
  • The seat can be adjusted from 30.5 cm to 44.5 cm which will allow children aging 2-5 to ride the bike.
  • The distance between the saddle and the handle is optimal so that children will not have any problem riding the bike.
  • The air pressurized tire can run smoothly on muddy or slippery ground.
  • The soft and child sized brake is perfectly measured and designed for toddlers.
  • To top it off the composite frame is weatherproof for greater riding experience in all seasons.
  • The $200 pricing of the bike even with all those great features is still high. The flexible yet durable composite frame of the bike flex when child aging 4-5 rides on the bike. Which means the bike performs best when ridden by younger child group.
  • The steering limiter of the bike prevents some of the adventurous experience of a balance bike. Whereas some competitors are providing a footrest with the bike FirstBIKE is not providing any footrest with the bike.

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Guide to use

The FirstBIKE is really easy to assemble and it will take roughly 10 minutes to assemble the bike. When you give the bike to your child for the first time is sure to check if the height of the bike is perfectly comfortable for your child or change the height to his comfort zone. The process of lowering the height is really easy, just remove the aluminum clamp residing under the saddle and lower the seat to your desirable height.

How to maintain this bike: Even though the bike is water and moisture proof the bike should be maintained consistently to get the best out of it.


  1. When is the time for my kid to start riding a balance bike?

The appropriate age is 2.

  1. The height requirement of my kid to ride the bike?

The minimum height should be 12 inch

  1. What to do with a flat tire?

The punctured tire can be bought and replaced almost everywhere

  1. Does a 2 year old need a lowering kit?

Around 90% kids need of 2 years old need the lowering kit


FirstBIKE has one of the best balance bike reviews and it actually is a great toy to buy for your children. The price might be a bit too high but it does not make this bike any lower than the best balance bikes of the market.

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