4 Awesome And Effective Ways For You To Get Free Baby Bottle Samples

4 Awesome And Effective Ways For You To Get Free Baby Bottle Samples

When it comes to having a baby, the parents will need all the help they can get. Parents will usually welcome any kind of support, especially when it is in the form of freebies. This is why there are smart parents out there who do what they can to save money by getting free products for their babies.

The main focus of this article is to help parents get free baby bottle samples with the help of awesome and proven-effective ways. I want parents to know how they too can get free products for their babies so that they can get quality bottles and save money for their babies’ other needs at the same time.

I am very excited about helping you get amazing products for your baby. For as long as you are ready and willing, I know that this article can help put you on the right track towards getting awesome products that you can definitely use for your baby. Here’s a list of what you need to do:

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#1 Join The Tommee Tippee Promo And Get An Amazing Baby Milk Bottle

What if I told you that you could actually get a high quality milk bottle with a very unique design and all you had to do was to sign up? This is exactly what the Tommee Tippee Company is offering right now for parents who want to try out their new product! This offer is perfect for parents who want to try one of the latest milk bottles to hit the market today. This bottle incorporates a compact design, as well as natural, breast-like shape. Its features make it very ideal for babies who have to transition from breast milk to infant formula. This baby bottle has flex and stretch ripples to mimic breastfeeding, a soft silicon teat that feels natural, and a super-sensitive valve that can give a lot of comfort for your baby. The offer however, is only good for the first 5,000 requests. This is why if you want it, then I suggest that you sign up right away!

#2 Sign Up At Similac Or Enfamil And Get A Diaper Bag filled With Goodies

Aside from milk bottle manufacturers, there are a lot of companies that make infant formulas who want to promote their products as well. These companies are not playing around when it comes to their freebies; this is because companies like Similac are willing to give your baby goodies worth $120 – $325! If you want milk bottles, and if you are wondering why I want you to send your request to an infant formula manufacturer, the logic is actually quite simple. These manufacturers want to give away 2 full containers of their product, and of course, to help you use them, their giving away milk bottles too! Aside from milk and milk bottles, this company is also willing to give you other important freebies like diapers, wipes, and lotions. And just so you know, if you do fail to get freebies from this company, you can always check on other similar manufacturers online as they might have something good to offer too!

#3 Create A Baby Registry And Get A Baby Box From Target, Walmart And Amazon

It seems like everyone is on the bandwagon when it comes to giving away free stuff for babies. This is because it is not just the bottle manufacturers, or the infant formula companies who are willing to give free bottles for the baby, the stores themselves are in on it as well! Stores like Amazon, Walmart and Target are finding ways for parents to stay hooked when it comes to buying products for their babies at their own stores, this is why if you create a baby registry with them, they will gladly send you as much as $50 – $60 worth of coupons, a baby bottle, and a bunch of other samples. Some parents received Philips Avent natural bottles, creams, vitamins, and other amazing products simply by creating a baby registry online. Many were able to set up everything in less than 5 minutes and after that, the store informed them that the baby’s welcome gift is now available for pickup. Parents who registered at Walmart said that unlike Target, the freebies were shipped to their homes. What I do recommend however, is that you try to create a baby registry at all three establishments. This will not just allow you to get more freebies and coupons; it could also allow you to get more milk bottles.

#4 Getting Free Baby Bottle Samples From Other Ingenious Places

There are a lot of other ways for you to get free baby bottle samples, aside from getting it from manufacturers and sellers, you can also get these samples from hospitals, from the doctor’s clinics, and even from baby blogs and forums who give them away as prizes during their raffles and contests. You can take a look at baby magazines or newspapers like the American Baby magazine, or other parenting and pregnancy magazines, as well as local newspapers to see if they are giving away milk bottle samples and other baby products. You can also go to websites like the Freebies for baby, and Pinterest, as they can help parents know of the latest promotions that are available from different companies. Many of these offers are available the whole year round, while there are some that you can only avail of during the Christmas season.


Getting free baby bottle samples from different companies is not just smart and practical, it is also a fun and exciting way for moms and dads to welcome their precious babies. There are a lot of ways for you to get at least one free sample, but you need to understand that you will have to make an effort to get it.

If getting a free sample is just not possible as of the moment, you might want to try finding coupons, using discount cards, or opt to pay for free shipping for the mean time. However, you should be careful when it comes to sending contact information to unfamiliar websites so you can avoid getting scammed.

In order for you to avoid scams, you can do the following:

  • Try your best to avoid giving your personal or payment information.
  • Send payment information only to trusted websites.
  • Do online background searches before trusting a website.
  • Keep in mind that you are looking to save money, so you can avoid overspending and so you can avoid getting scammed by websites who want to steal from you.

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