How to Help Your Child not to be Afraid of Water

Water is sometimes a fearful thing for some children, so you may need to make your child not afraid of water while in bathing in a bathtub or swimming in a pool. In this article, we will show you how you can do the thing perfectly.

Just follow the guidelines in order to achieve your goal.

Show your Child that Other Children are not Afraid.

Children are very much imitating and they imitate other children very much, so if you can show that some children are bathing without any fear of water, then your child must be worry free about touching or playing with water. You can show some bathing videos of children on YouTube or Vimeo if you find it difficult to show some physically.

Inject the Belief into your Child’s Brain that Water is Fun.

There are some reasons that children fear water. Some of the reasons come from bad experience. Sometimes shampoo or soap can irritate your child’s eyes while bathing or splash of water can simply make your child’s eyes reddish. These incidents are just some accidents which children cannot realize, they think that water is the guilty for doing all these things.

Let your child understand that water is great to play. There are many children who love to play with water and bathing time is a great pleasure for them.

Monkey See, Monkey Do.

Children follow their parents very much. You show that bathing with water is a fun byjumping into a swimming pool or inside your bathroom’s bathtub. Your child will try to get an idea that touching water is a lot source of lot of pleasure.

Group Work.

If you can take your child to some swimming pool where many other children take bath, this will be very effective for making love with water. Your child may be curious about bathing with water as it is watching others are doing the same.

Visit Sea Beach with your Child.

Sea beach is a nice place that attracts us to be keep close touch with water. Like us, our children do love sea beach as the splashing of water on the beach looks great.

Make it Fun.

There are many ways you can make your child love water. You can buy an air bathtub that is used by pumping air into it. This type of bathtub is very much loved by children. If you have some open space in front of your house, you can take the bathtub there and make your child bathe there. This will give your child immense pleasure as the natural environment along with sunlight is there outdoors.

Choosing a nice swimming pool is a great way of removing fear of water among kids. A nice swimming pool must attract your child to bathe in that. The interest of bathing becomes many times more when a child sees that other children are also enjoying water. This will not only remove the fear of water from your kid, but also help it learn swimming quickly.

You can also give your child some toys that can be soaked in water. Children love to play with toys in water. Keep in mind that the toys that you are allowing your child to play in water must be made of plastic or rubber so that those do not be damaged with water.

Some Cautions.

It is very important to remove the fear of water among kids, but at the same time you will have to aware of water. If your child becomes too addicted to water then there might be some problems. The first risk is drowning. Yes, if your child gets water a nice thing, then it may walk into water of pond, river or even sea with its friends which is really dangerous for any child.

Another problem of water addiction is cold. Too much love for water may make your child touch or play with water very often which is likely to catch cold.

These are some of the tips that you may follow to help your child not to be afraid of water. You can also apply some other techniques if you think that are effective.