Train Table Buying Guide and Best On The Market for Kids

Train toys and tables have always been popular with children and now they became a hit again! They’re just so popular and entertaining that you even have adults and collectors obsessing themselves over train tables for years.

Due to their complexity and a wide range of parts and accessories, train sets and tables can be compared to Lego toys, kids at least sure do love them equally. This industry is so diverse that we have parts and sets which cost under a hundred dollars while some are rare and valued by collectors for hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

But in this article, we’re not exactly going to show you that rare area of train sets, instead, we will show you the major consumer part of train sets and tables. They don’t really cost that much, but in the end, it all depends on the quality of the materials and complexity of the parts.Of course, the more detailed and complex the sets are, the higher the price goes. But we don’t think that kids will value that part that much. If your kid does get “crazy” over trains, the total amount you spend may get to a crazy amount as well, so wary when buying!

When it comes to buying you may ask yourself questions like, which brand is the best one? What should I look in a train table? Are there any characteristics that I should keep in mind? In the following parts, we will explain just that, so keep on reading and find out how to pick the best train tables!

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Benefits of train tables over other toys
What should you look for in the best train table?
What We recommend – Best Train Table for Kids

Before heading out to the local toy store with your kids, you need to do some bit of researching as well in order to get the best bang for the buck. You will need to introduce yourself with the most common features in train tables in order to be able to pick the best train table out there.

In the following part, we will answer some of the most common questions and guide you in the right way. So, if you’re not content enough with just having your kids pick their train set based on just colors, keep on reading!

Benefits of train tables over other toys

While it may look like your kid is only playing with toy trains and wasting their time, there is actually a lot more going on behind the curtains. In fact, toy trains can be really useful when it comes to the development of a child; here are some of the main benefits.

Improved motor skills

Apart from making sure that your kids are improving their social skills and logical thinking through various interactions, making sure that their motor skills are good, is important as well. Train sets are really useful when it comes to that since when you buy a train set, you will encounter a variety of small objects needed to create something.

Whether your child will build a small town or a train station with these parts, their motor skills will surely improve since they will need to fiddle with a lot of small parts which may seem complicated at first. It may seem silly, but we are 100% sure that their motor skills will increase this way, which will later help them be able to feed themselves, get dressed and so on.

Contact with problem-solving

Making sure that your child is good at problem-solving is very important, they will need this skill in order to be functional and independent from you later on. It will also help them with many logical subjects in school like mathematics.

But how exactly will train tables and sets help them with problem-solving? Well by playing with train toys the child will be able to learn how to build the tracks so that trains can continue to travel without any obstacles. They will also learn how to organize the trains so that they move as efficiently as possible.


Creativity will always be an important part of your child’s life no matter what age they are. Keeping that creativity healthy and entertaining will help them solve various problems. Being creative and having a good imagination will also help them cope with being bored, and that is the number one thing that you should always prevent.

Since there are just so many train set combinations as well as small objects and accessories, your child will always find it easy to make a different creative scenario, creating stories with the trains and having fun. They will also be able to make different designs and different map layouts which will boost their creativity.

What should you look for in the best train table?

Since train tables and train toys are just so complex and offer so many features, you will need to figure out which features will be the best for both you and your child. But don’t worry, we are here to help you with that, here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when buying train tables.

Material quality

The material of the train table is another important aspect because it will define how durable it will be and essentially how long it will take for your kid to break it. But jokes aside it really is important, but apart from the table, you should also think about the material of the train toys.

Both tables and train toys are usually made out of wood, this goes especially for the tables. But you may notice that some toys are going to be made out of plastic or perhaps even some kind of metal. Generally, you should look to buy a wooden table while the toys should be made out of some high-grade plastic.

The material will make a huge impact on the price of the entire train table, so keep that in mind before buying.

Best size for a train table

The last thing that you should worry about is the size and design of the train table. Some tables may have the same model while offering different sizes, this is generally really helpful.

When picking the size, you should first consider how large the room where you want to place the table is. You should also consider how many train toys and parts you’re going to get, you don’t really want a huge table which will look desolate in the end.


When it comes to design we talk about the shape and features of the table. Some may be in a rectangular form while others are in a square or circle shape. But the more important part is the features that you get with the table. Is the train table just a table where you place pre-bought toys and trails, or does the table come with included parts and constructions?

If you’re buying for the first time you may want to get something that already has a lot of different buildings, tracks or trains on it. Some tables may even have a specific theme to it, is it the wild west, a jungle or perhaps a mountain range? In the end, let your kid decide what theme they want if they have something in mind.

The top train tables that we recommend for kids

KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table

This train table is made by KidKraft and it is aimed at children who are three years old and up. The table has a city-like design, it comes with a train set which is made out of different train toys and rails. There are also policemen and police cars, as well as additional rails which run through a mountain tunnel.

Everything in this table is made out of wood except for the mountain which is made out of plastic. The wooden parts are quite sturdy and competent for a train table. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to be bothered with buying additional parts and wants a starter kit with toys pre-included, this is definitely for you.

Another interesting part of the table is that it comes with three red plastic bins which are placed underneath the table. It offers you an efficient way to store toys and various other objects as it has a really big capacity. These bins could have been made out of wood as well, but they are made out of plastic instead and the bins are actually difficult to slide. Buy from $144

Sodura Birch Wood Kids Train Table

Here’s another excellent choice. The Sodura Birch Wood Kids Train Table has a simple, classic design. This means that it will fit right into any kind of space. It’s a big and sturdy table which provides a spacious play area for your child. It’s so big that you can even store your kid’s toy boxes underneath it.

This table is made out of high-quality birch wood. It’s big and sturdy so you won’t have to worry about it tipping over while your kids are playing on it. A lot of the tables on the market have legs which warp over time. This is one feature you don’t have to worry about with this table. This is because the legs are thick and solid. They won’t warp or break even if your kinds climb on top of it.

The Sodura Train Table is an excellent choice because it’s compatible with different toys and train sets. Aside from that, your child can even use it as an activity table when play time is over. This table is easy to assemble and even easier to use. Finally, it comes with a non-toxic finish, making it safe for your little ones to play on it.  Buy from $225

Melissa & Doug Wooden Multi-Activity Play Table

This table is really popular and it is suitable for children three years old and up as well. It features a lot of other activities like setting up puzzles or toy blocks and train sets. The area of the table is so big that even two kids can play on it at the same time. Kids can also either play while kneeling or sitting down since the height of the table is made exactly for that.

Melissa & Doug’s train table also features a big drawer on the sides so that children can store their toys, supplies and other accessories. The table has corners which are rounded and sanded in an effort to protect children from any injuries.

Because the table is made out of light wood particle board, it is so sturdy that even kids can sit on top of it, with a maximum weight of 30 lbs. Since this table does not feature any additional accessories, the budget is made just so that you can fit in more money for train toys and other parts. Note that this table is really large so consider the space that you have in the room and see if it can fit. Buy from $112

KidKraft Transportation Station Train Set and Table Toy

KidKraft is also a really popular brand for train tables, and this time around they offer you an all-around train set which will keep your kids busy for hours. With a 58-pc assembly, there is no way that your child won’t be able to fully explore his creativity as there are a lot of parts on the table.

Not only do you get a train with this set, but kiddos get to dive into some airport playtime as well. The wooden tracks can be put in varying orders, sparking creativity and even more imagination. There are some bonus features as well, making this an extra special time for the kiddos. Buy from $79

Step2 Deluxe Canyon Road Train & Track Table

This train table is made for children around three years old, but customers have said that children even up to five years old were interested in this train table. The top part of the table is quite unique in design as it features a canyon environment and it is multi-leveled as well which makes it more interesting for kids.

The rails are molded into the table and the bridges that are attached ensure that lost items will pose no problem for you. The material used in this train table is scratch resistant and it is really easy to clean up just by using a damp cloth.

The only inconvenience in this table is that it takes a lot of time to set up the decals, a bit longer than initially setting the table itself, which takes about 10 minutes. Customers were mainly satisfied because of how easy it was to maintain it as well as the storage capabilities that it offers. Buy from $74

Hape Railway Play and Stow Storage & Activity Table

Hape makes a lot of simple, creativity-inducing products for kids and this is one of them. Firstly, it features a storage area to make clean up even more efficient – which is a definite plus. And it’s completely compatible with other popular train products & systems.

This particular design was made with toddlers in mind. So, if you have a little conductor on your hands this is the set you’re going to want to take a second look at. They’ll be able to use their imagination and create different kinds of loops and routes for their trains to journey on.  Buy from $99

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Island of Sodor Playtable

This is another fun Thomas & Friends train table made by Fisher-Price. It’s made to resemble the Island of Sodor, the home of Thomas & Friends. This attractive table will allow your child to create and build different layouts using existing train sets. It will provide hours of enjoyment for your little one.

The wooden playboard is double-sided, each side showing places from Thomas & Friends. It has convenient racks for you to be able to store the engines while not being used. The Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Island of Sodor Playtable is the perfect gift for any child who loves Thomas the Train. It’s fun, convenient and safe for children. Buy from $128


There were a lot of different models and a lot of different designs, but we still made sure to pick out the best train tables that there are. Hopefully, you have learned a lot with both the guide and review part of this article, by now you should have realized how helpful buying a train table for your child really is. And once you buy it, you can enjoy not having to move it around at all which makes cleaning up a lot easier.

Based on what you and your child want in a train table, you will have to decide based on the five listed products, do you want something pre-assembled with a lot of different toys included, or do you want to spend less money on it and have it be empty so that you can buy train toys later on?

All of this depends on you, but if you were to ask us, we would pick the Sodura Birch Wood Kids Train Table. It is made of solid construction and your child can use it for different activities. It’s a sturdy table made with a safe and non-toxic finish.

Additional FAQs

Train table assembly instructions

When assembling train tables for kids, the most important thing to remember is to follow the instructions. Build the table first before assembling all the other accessories that come with the product. When assembling the table, make sure to secure all the parts. When you’re done assembling the table, it should not wobble or creak. It should be stable enough to hold everything you plan to place on it. This also ensures that it won’t fall apart while your child is playing. 

Train table layout ideas

After the table, it’s time to layout the tracks. Depending on the train set which you have or which comes with the table, there may also be instructions for laying out the tracks. A good idea is to fit them all together and try coming up with different combinations. Here are some links to track layout ideas:

Best way to glue train table

Though a lot of parents choose to glue the train tracks on the table, this may not be the best idea. The urge to glue down the tracks comes from watching how little children play with train tables. Since they have no control and are focused on fun, the tracks end up being strewn all over the table, even on the floor. This makes parents and kids frustrated. But when your child grows older and he/she wants to arrange the tracks on his/her own, that would be impossible if they’re glued down. So instead of doing this, why not try using the following:

· Duct tape (the no-residue kind);
· Carpet tape;
· Suretrack clips;
· Mounting or poster putty;
· Or you can use silicone door gaskets, small screws to secure the tracks or even cover the top of the table with felt.