Best LEGO Sets for 10 Year Old Kids

Best LEGO® Sets for 10 Year Old Boys and Girls

LEGO sets for kids 10 years of age and older took a rather significant turn a couple of years back. Enter new worlds  based on movie and TV classics! Take those concepts, mix and stir in a few amazing additions to those collections, and you have a pretty good picture of what is available for boys and girls in this age range for this year.

We are thrilled with our top 10 LEGO sets for 10 year old boys and girls, a diverse list that includes sets based on classics such as Star Wars, Friends, and Minecraft. You will also find volcano exploration sets, and those inspired by elf queens among others. Our list has everything your young one needs to build incredible LEGO cities.

What’s here: This fantastic compilation of the 10 best LEGO sets for 10-year-olds for the spring and summer months of 2017 was created by real moms and educators. Numerous types of toys are included in the list to keep your youngin’ stimulated.

For shoppers: Purchasing any of these high-quality toy options is easy–just visit Amazon! Please note that we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links.  Also note that our recommendations are 100% made because we love the companies and products and are never influenced in any way by any commission we may receive.

Post Updated: April 9th, 2017

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

Ages: 6 – 14

The Star Wars Advent Calendar comes in at #1 of the top 10 LEGO sets for 10 year olds this year.

Advent calendars are fun and unique, counting down the days until Christmas morning with 24 surprises behind 24 doors.

This one is Star Wars themed from LEGO, and features holiday-oriented presents in the compartments.

Lovin’ the super-chill, snowy Chewbacca figurine.

LEGO Star Wars Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle

Ages: 9 – 14

Another from the Star Wars collection makes it as the next of the best LEGOs for 10 year olds for 2017 – Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle.

For Star Wars collectors and LEGO lovers, this setup is a buildable replica of Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle.

Either for pretend play and reenactment of Star Wars scenes, or a no-touch collection, this finished product features foldable wings and spring-loaded weapons.

LEGO Elves Queen Dragon’s Rescue

Ages: 9 – 12

In the third spot on the list – LEGO Elves Queen Dragon’s Rescue.

Azari, the villain in Elves, has captured Elandra the Queen Dragon in her dungeons beneath the Shadow Castle.

However, Emily Jones is out to free her and return the Book of Dragons to its rightful place.

The two-story castle comes with a tower, secret cave, dragon-sized shackles, and an hourglass.

LEGO Minecraft The Fortress

Ages: 8 and up

Also holding its own among this year’s top ten year old kids’ LEGO sets is Minecraft – The Fortress.

One of the fan favorites from the original Minecraft video game, the Minecraft Fortress is a buildable hideout for a slew of skeletons and Creepers.

Steve, of course, makes a guest appearance, decked out in golden armor and gem-encrusted weapons.


LEGO Friends Amusement Roller Coaster

Ages: 8 – 12

Following next at #5 of the 2017 top picks in ten year olds’ LEGOs is the Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster.

This LEGO Friends setup includes mini dolls of Andrea, Naya, Emma, and Matthew, at an Amusement Park, complete with a build-able Ferris wheel and rollercoaster.

Both rides use push-along power to move.

Other accessories include tickets, hotdogs, popcorn, and photographs.

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Ages: 9 – 14

Hitting 6th on the list – LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon.

Another Star Wars replica that could be a collectible or a playtime toy.

The Millennium Falcon comes with a hidden cargo area, attached weapons with spring-loaded release, and a place underneath to hold for imaginary hyperdrive launches.

Some of the mini figures include Chewbacca, Han Solo, Tasu Leech, and Rey.

LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box

Ages: 4 and up

Always a great bet in LEGO sets for ten year olds and kids of other ages – Classic Large Creative Brick Box.

Creative Brick Boxes are my LEGO favorites because they inspire imagination and encourage kiddos to create anything their brilliant minds can dream up.

This large LEGO box comes with over 750 colorful bricks, and lots-a building elements, like wheels, wheel rims, googly eyes, and green baseplates.

The box is reusable.

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar

Ages: 5 – 12

Another holiday favorite for the month of December – LEGO Friends Advent Calendar also makes a place among the “best of” sets for 10 year old kiddos for the holiday season of 2017.

One more advent calendar for just-before Christmas, but LEGO Friends themed.

This one comes with mini dolls, Emma and Naomi, and a bunch of seasonal bricks and décor, like a buildable Christmas tree and wreath.

Other accessories, or hidden surprises, include a stocking-covered fireplace, a grand piano, and wrapped presents.

LEGO City Volcano Exploration Base

Ages: 8 – 12

Hitting #9 on the list – LEGO City Volcano Exploration Base.

This setup is all about volcano exploration, complete with scientists, explorers, adventurers, and workers.

The buildable components include several vehicles, such as a drone, wheeled dumper, and excavator, as well as accessories, like a pickaxe, “erupting” volcano, and shimmering gemstones.


LEGO Friends Heartlake Grand Hotel

Ages: 8 – 12

LEGO Friends Heartlake Grand Hotel comes in as the final pick among the top ten LEGOs for ten year olds in 2017.

The LEGO Friends live in a beautiful, friendly town called Heartlake.

And this is a ginormous buildable, dubbed the Grand Hotel.

There are three stories of rooms with en-suite bathrooms, balconettes, and plenty of accessories, like perfume bottles and suitcases.