Best LEGO Sets for Adults

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Best LEGO Sets for Grown-Ups

It’s becoming more and more well-known: grownups love LEGOs too! Over the past few years, the sets available to us “big kids” are becoming more elaborate and frankly, quite impressive. This growing trend inspired us to create the top 10 best LEGO sets for grown-ups, a comprehensive list featuring the coolest adult-worthy sets of today.

Whether you enjoy building and displaying your LEGO works of art and sharing them with friends who also love the classic toys or simply building and rebuilding whenever you see fit, this compilation is well worth exploring. From Disney castles to the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars to the White House to the Seattle Space Needle to toy shops and beyond, there are plenty of super-fabulous options to select from. Spend rainy afternoons erecting LEGO masterpieces…or any other time you are in the mood to “build”! Have fun, and remember to pick up those little pieces! 🙂

Ranging from architecture to other advanced fun and creative sets, these “toys” are stealing the hearts of many a man and woman and make the perfect gift for a LEGO fan.

What’s here: This fantastic compilation of the 10 best LEGO sets for adults was created by serious LEGO enthusiasts. Numerous types of sets are included in the list to keep you engaged.

For shoppers:  Purchasing any of these high-quality sets is easy–just visit Amazon! Please note that we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links.  Also note that our recommendations are 100% made because we love the companies and products and are never influenced in any way by any commission we may receive.

Post Updated: April 9th, 2017

LEGO Architecture United States Capitol Building

A new addition to the 2017 LEGO sets for adults hits the #1 spot on the list – Architecture United States Capitol Building.

Expansive and elaborate.

This lifelike replica of the United States Capitol Building comes with 1033 pieces, all fitting in precise places to make this setup an amazing finished product.

Plan on keeping it whole? Invest in a beautiful display case.


LEGO Creator Winter Toy Shop

Next up among the best LEGO sets for adults this year is my personal favorite on the list – Creator Winter Toy Shop.

For those Christmas lovers who cannot wait for the holidays to roll around every year, the Winter Toy Shop is an expert setup with almost 900 LEGO bricks.

You make a toy shop in bright, warm colors, complete with string lights, lots of adorable teddy bears and toys, and a snowman.


LEGO Creator Pet Shop

Holding the third spot on the list – LEGO Creator Pet Shop.

The great thing about the Creator sets is the possibilities.

You can make an entire city out of LEGOS, then display it for your family and friends to admire.

This one, the Pet Shop, comes with well-over 2,000 bricks. Includes 4 miniature figures, like a pet shop owner and shopper.


LEGO Creator Volkswagen Beetle

Another one of my favorites – Creator Volkswagen Beetle also comes in among the best LEGOs for adults.

VW Beetles were my favorite cars growing up, so this setup is all about nostalgia for me.

The car itself is a 1960s replica in bright blue, with license plate stickers and lots of special elements for customization.

The exterior accessories include a cooler and surfboard for hitting the beach.


LEGO Disney Castle

Falling in at #5 of the top adult LEGOs – Disney Castle.

Another one of my favorite LEGO sets on the list.

The Disney Castle buildable is a replica of the real Disney Castle in Florida.

One of the largest setups, this one comes with over 4,000 pieces, so patience is crucial.

Lovin’ the mini-figures of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Already a huge hit among adult LEGO enthusiasts – Star Wars Millennium Falcon.

For Star Wars fans and LEGO collectors, this replica is a buildable Millennium Falcon with all of the proverbial bells and whistles.

There are dozens of weapons that attach and hide within the spaceship. Use your imagination to activate hyperdrive!


LEGO Architecture The White House

LEGO Architecture The White House comes in at #7 on the list.

For history buffs, this miniature replica of the White House features the original design, chosen by George Washington, in 1792.

There are almost 600 bricks, each with a part to play in creating a wow-worthy, scaled-down duplicate of famous architecture.



LEGO Creator Volkswagen Camper Van

Another VW finds its way to the best LEGOs for adults — Creator Volkswagen Camper Van.

Talk about flashback to flower children and free love!

The Camper Van is a VW duplicate, but scaled-down to tabletop proportions. The interior is a real treat though, with a bench seat that becomes a bed.

And there is a buildable t-shirt accessory that says, “Make LEGO Models, Not War.”


LEGO Creator Tower Bridge

Next up on the list — LEGO Creator Tower Bridge.

One of the most beautiful (actually awe-inspiring) bridges in the world is this one – spanning the River Thames, it has quite a history having been around since 1886.

This is a set that requires utmost patience, as there are elaborate instructions and over 4,200 LEGO bricks.


LEGO Architecture Seattle Space Needle

The final pick of this year’s top ten adult LEGO sets is a returning favorite – Architecture Seattle Space Needle.

The Seattle Space Needle is rumored to be visible from outer space, but this model is a scaled-down replica that your friends and family would love to admire.

The booklet is detailed with thorough instructions for 57 well-placed LEGO pieces.