Top Kid’s Sandboxes To Make The Backyard a Blast

A true classic for Summer fun…the sandbox! Sandboxes offer kiddos a taste of the beach and help encourage creative imaginations. Whether crafting sandy castles complete with towers and bridges, making animals or fairy tale creatures, or simply enjoying the sensory experience, your kids will enjoy hours upon hours of fun. If they have been especially fond of the sandbox at their school, they will LOVE having one of their own in the backyard. Just remember to keep it covered when not in use to prevent neighborhood cats from thinking it is one giant litter box. 

Our picks for the best sandboxes provide you with plenty of fantastic options to choose from, any of which your little kids are sure to love.

Badger Basket Covered Convertible Cedar Sandbox

I love the detail of this wooden sandbox. The lid flips open in two different directions to become bench seats for up to four children to sit on. When kids are finished playing, the seats flip down for secured protection. It is made with heat-treated, stained cedar and rust-resistant hardware…and it looks great in your yard! Additionally, the bottomless construction makes adjusting the sand depth easy, as well as drainage.

Incredibly simple to put together, your kiddies will love making sand castles, animals, and anything else their little hearts desire. Buy from $98

Little Tikes Big Digger Sandbox

All the digger fans will come running. It doubles as a little  construction site and sandbox  —a great additive to a backyard playground. This sandbox holds 100 pounds of pure sand, and includes a number of cool accessories to keep in the sandbox.

As with other plastic sandboxes, there is no risk of pinched fingers or toes. This is another great beginner sandbox ideal for toddlers. Swap the sand for water on hot days!  Buy from $45

Simplay3 Outdoor Storage Bench, Sandbox and Water Activity Station​

How unbelievably adorable is this sandbox?! It doubles as a little storage box and water table —a great additive to a backyard playground. The sandbox is molded plastic, designed to resemble old wood—like bench at a park. Well-made and just so darn cute, this sandbox may become the favorite of the neighborhood. 

It is a little smaller, which is great for younger kids and smaller backyards.

Incredibly simple to put together, your kiddies will love making sand castles, animals, and anything else their little hearts desire. Buy from $100

Hexagon Sandbox Canopy and Cover

I love how rustic and traditional this sandbox is. Handcrafted with reinforced, recycled plastic fibers, this sandbox is super sturdy and low maintenance. The best part is the canopy that protects kids from hot Summer days and the sand from neighborhood pests. Oh, and the hexagon shape adds for more room.

Buy from $137

Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table

This sand table is a cleaner way for kiddos to build castles. Instead of sitting in a sandbox, kids stand to play in over 30 pounds of sand in this table. Accessories include two shovels, claw rakes, and a pail. There’s even molded roadways on the lids for additional playtime fun. Said lid also comes with elastic tie-downs to keep the sand clean, dry, and critter-free.

This sandbox, er, table is ideal for toddlers since there is no risk of itchy sand in their diapers! Do not be surprised if your kiddies want to use this outdoor toy every day the weather permits. Buy from $55

Activity Sandbox with Canopy

My personal favorite among the best of the best sandboxes for kids.

Canopied to keep the summertime sunshine at bay, this sandbox reminds me of an afternoon at the beach. The parameters are wooden slats that double as bench seats, all the way around. The sandbox includes two sand and water buckets, and is made with reinforced wooden panels to sidestep issues such as warping and weathering.

Easy to put together, this sandbox provides a lovely addition to your yard and offers plenty of space for little ‘uns to play. The canopy is not weatherproof, so the whole thing will take a few days to dry out after a heavy rainstorm–just fyi! Buy from $199

Step2 Play and Store Sandbox With Cover

Reminiscent of something an archeologist would find on a great dig, this sandbox can hold up to 200 pounds of fresh sand, protected with a slide-on, and decorated cover. There are four cornerstones that kids can use as impromptu seats. It comes fully assembled and provides an interesting backyard focal point. The lid also comes with a strap to ensure pets, insects, and who-knows-what-else stays out of the sandbox.

Sturdy and ideal for the patio in addition to anywhere else in your backyard, this is another great beginner sandbox for your ankle biters. It even works as a dog litter box for elderly pups. Yep, that’s right! Buy from $50

KidKraft Cabana Sandbox

The final item on this year’s list of the top ten kids’ sandboxes is the KidKraft Cabana.

I love this! The canopy goes all the way around, enclosing kids in weather-resistant shade for tons of sandcastle-building fun. This looks like a seaside changing station that was popular in the 1920s—only way bigger. Includes roll-up mesh cover, three storage bins, and step-by-step instructions. The sandbox is also made with weather-resistant outdoor wood.

Providing a rather glamorous sandbox option, this toy takes some time to assemble but the result is worth it. Your kids will enjoy hours of playtime without the risk of sunburn. It makes a nice addition to your backyard and works great if your property gets a whole lotta sun. Buy from $205