Best School Backpacks for Boys – Our Top Picks

Best Boys’ Backpacks for School

  Boy wearing sports backpackSchool backpacks have become not only a must-have for toting around books and other personal items, but they have entered a realm of personal expression for kids. With so many different themes and designs, it can be difficult to determine which ones are not only fun and cool, but will they stand the test of time (durability)?

That being said, there are some backpacks that are not only trendy, fun and expressive, but are also getting good reviews for their “lastability” and functionality.

What’s here: On this page are the 2017 ten best school backpacks for boys of various ages based on both popularity and consumer ratings. These are the school bags that are getting the most sales and favorable reviews from parents.

For shoppers: For each of the boys’ backpacks listed on this page, one or more shopping links has been recommended for product availability, lower pricing and security. Links to reviews are also provided, where they are available.

Post Updated: April 9th, 2017

Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Backpack

Ages: 3 and up

Making it to the #1 spot among the top 10 school backpacks for boys 2017 is the Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Backpack.

I am a mega fan of this adorable puppy backpack! The zipper is shaped like a bone, the pup has vinyl, stick-out ears, and he is funky-cool in baby-blue.

For tiny tykes, there is a nametag inside the main pocket.


Nerf Backpack

Ages: 4 – 6

This Nerf Backpack comes in next among the best boys’ school backpacks this year.

NERF, known for blasters and super soakers, is dabbling in backpacks, sticker sheets, and pencil cases.

All of which are included with this book-bag set. Features a large, zip-up main compartment, a smaller front compartment, and 2 mesh side pockets.


Disney Finding Dory Backpack With Lunch Kit

Ages: 3 – 9

Third up on the list – Disney Finding Dory Backpack With Lunch Kit.

Finding Dory was a fantastic movie—one that millions of kiddos (and adults, like me) went to see opening weekend.

Worth it!

This backpack commemorates the awesomeness of that Pixar must-see with up-close shots of a smiling Dory and Nemo.

Minecraft ThinkGeek Minecraft Creeper Backpack

Ages: 8 and up

A returning favorite from last year – Minecraft ThinkGeek Minecraft Creeper Backpack is another favorite among boys’ school backpacks this year.

Minecraft is the new “it” game for kids who love both architecture and technologies.

In the game, there are these creepers—little ghoulish, green monsters that like to wander and attack.

This backpack is shaped like a ginormous creeper. Creepy!

JanSport SuperBreak Backpack

27% savings

The JanSport SuperBreak also manages a place among this year’s top boys’ school backpacks.

JanSport has been my favorite brand for as long as I can remember, so it’s fitting that they be included in this list.

Their backpacks are durable, reliable, strong, and long-lasting with a perfect-stretch polyester construction.

Love the padded straps!

JanSport Big Student Classics Backpack

Hitting sixth on the list – JanSport Big Student Classics Backpack.

Another JanSport must-have.

This one accommodates students with bigger homework loads.

There are three compartments, two of which are spacious enough to fit several notebooks, binders, and heavy, huge classroom textbooks.

Over a dozen colors too, like bright, “high-risk red.”

Nohoo Kids 3D Cartoon Backpacks

Ages: 2 – 8

Nohoo Kids 3D Cartoon Backpacks are a great boys’ pick in backpacks for school in 2017.

Probably my favorite backpacks on the list.

These adorable book-bags look like shells or animals. For instance, this one features soft, pliable spikes—reminiscent of Bowser from Mario.

The straps are padded and adjustable for optimum comfort.

Roomy and too-cute! 

JanSport Digital Student Backpack

Marking a spot at #8 of the ten best school backpacks for boys in 2017 – JanSport Digital Student Backpack.

Continuing the JanSport trend, this backpack is designed for kiddos packing lots-a technology.

The main compartment accommodates a full-size laptop, and the front pocket is great for cell phones, electronic reading devices, or other carry-around gadgets.

Lovin’ the anchor patterns!

Marvel Comics Backpack

The Marvel Comics Backpack comes in at #9 on the “best of” list for this school year.

Comic book cool kids unite!

This backpack is a Marvel tribute with an all-over superhero print in vivid, bold color and detail.

The longer you look, the more stuff you’ll find hidden in the patterns. Diggin’ the dual-zip main compartment!

Wildkin Olive Trains, Planes and Trucks Sidekick Backpack

And – the final item on the list of top ten boys’ school backpacks is the Wildkin Olive Trains, Planes and Trucks Sidekick.

Trains, Planes, and Trucks. All things that most little tykes love!

This backpack, designed especially for preschoolers and kindergarteners, is a lightweight, spacious must-have.

The straps are padded, the main compartment is zippered, and the interior is resistant to moisture.