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Bikes have always provided an easy way to move around in the city, but they are an important tool as well for getting your kids physically active.But how do you make sure that they don’t get hurt in the process and successfully teach them how to ride it? I have researched the Ybike balance bikes product line and I think that they may offer you just the thing you need. Read on for a comprehensive Ybike balance bikes review.

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Getting yourself introduced with the Ybike
Who is behind this?
Who is this product for?
Key features and benefits of the YBIKE Balance Bike
For a bike that size, it is really lightweight
It is recommended for children 2 to 4 years old
High ground clearance
Wide wheels and double rear wheels
Available in multiple color designs
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YBIKE Balance Bike (Green) YBIKE Balance Bike (Green) * $62.99
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Getting yourself introduced with the Ybike

Ybike balance bikes are designed so that they could introduce balance to toddlers in an effort to later allow them far easier handling with normal bikes. They supposedly provide just enough balance to prevent them from falling and enough disbalance to passively teach them how to ride a normal bike.

Who is behind this?

The Ybike balance bike models are created by the company National Sporting Goods (NSG). NSG focuses mainly on sports equipment for kids, with some products aimed at toddlers while others are focused at teenagers.

Apart from bikes, they also produce pogo sticks, scooters, and skates.


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Lightweight plastic design at 7.7 lbs.
Recommended for toddlers ages 2 to 4 years old
Supports toddlers up to 100 lbs.
Available in multiple colors

Pros Cons
  • The bike teaches your kids the importance of balance and how to handle it
  • It is really lightweight
  • The wheels are wide and durable for most surfaces
  • Two rear wheels makes the bike even more stable
  • Since it is made out of plastic it won’t really last that long
  • For the features that you get the price tag might be too big
  • The distance between the seat and handles might be too far away

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The bike might offer your kids a way to deal with balance while getting more confident about their bike riding skills. It could serve as an introduction for normal sized bikes later on, but the features and price tag don’t make it that much valuable.

You might want to pick training wheels instead of a kid-sized bike, but if you want to ensure that your kids don’t get hurt in the process and start with something easier instead, the Ybike might be better.

Who is this product for?

You might still not be sure enough if Ybikes are the thing you’re looking for, but with a little bit of research about yourself and your kid, it might get easier to decide. If you detect the following traits in your child, you might want to consider this product:

  • He or she is afraid of using bikes with training wheels
  • Your kid wants something that looks colorful and fun
  • He or she wants something easier to try out first

If you’re someone who is scared as well that their child might get hurt during the learning process or that they will quickly lose interest with a real bike due to the initial difficulty, you might want to consider this product.

Key features and benefits of the YBIKE Balance Bike

Although the Ybike balance bike does not offer anything special in terms of features, its minimalistic design might prove to be of value for both you and your kid.

In the following section, I’m going to show you some of the main features that help your kid when it comes to riding bikes and dealing with balance.

For a bike that size, it is really lightweight

Usual kid sized bikes that offer you training wheels are usually a bit sturdier and have a lot of weight to them, but in this case the opposite is true. Although the Ybike is made out of plastic, the brand claims that it is really tough and durable, but because it is out of plastic the bike is really lightweight!

Since it is only weighing 7.7 lbs. it may be less difficult for your kids since they can move it around easier and if in the case that they still fall, it won’t hurt them as much.

It is recommended for children 2 to 4 years old

At that age, it is really hard to find a bike that will exactly the right size for them, but the Ybike may be just enough for your kid. To be honest the age range is really wide when you take into consideration how fast your kids will grow in those two years.

And since the bike is recommended for ages as early as two years, it might serve as a good stepping stone when it comes to bikes.

High ground clearance

Since the bike is a bit higher off the ground than usual, it may protect them when it comes to rough terrains or surfaces which are dirty. It could also help them deal with not being that close to the ground which will be important later on.

Wide wheels and double rear wheels

The wheels could be considered really durable, and with their width, you don’t have to worry about them potentially getting hurt when driving on uneven surfaces. With two wheels on the rear side, you can also get more balance.

Available in multiple color designs

Since kids at that age tend to sometimes pick objects solely based on color, the variety of different colors available might be useful for you.

If your son really wants a blue or green bike or if your daughter is really crazy for pink, you can provide them just what they want. The Ybike balance bikes are available in orange, green, pink and blue.

FAQ & Additional Tips

Now that you’re properly introduced to the bike there are just some small bits left that you should know before deciding whether you should buy it or not. Here are some of the most common question that you need to know:

  • Where are the Ybike balance bikes produced?

It is designed and developed in South Africa, but produced in the USA.

  • Where can I buy it?

You can order it online via the manufacturer’s site and on Amazon as well. It is also available in stores like Target.

  • Do I need to assemble it?

The Ybike balance bikes are not preassembled, but they come in large pieces so you don’t need to spend a lot of time on assembling it. According to the manual, you can do it in three steps.

  • Which assembly parts are included in the package?

Components included in the box are: Ybike main frame, front wheel, fork/handlebar, bolts, and a toolkit with an Allen key and wrench.

  • How long do I need to wait until it is delivered?

It depends on where you live and on which site you order it from, but it should be delivered in under a week.

  • Can you change the seat height?

Even though it is compatible with most young toddlers, you can’t change the height of the seat.

  • How many inches are there between the floor and the seat?

There are 10 inches between the seat and the floor.

  • Are the wheels out of rubber or plastic?

The wheels are made out of high-grade plastic.


Is the bike really worth the money? Will it really help your child? Does it do a better job compared to a regular bike with training wheels? Well, it all depends on your kid and their mindset, but I do recommend this bike in the end.

Even though training wheels may be more efficient, I have to choose the balance bike simply because it can serve as a stepping stone when it comes to learning how to ride a bike. This is mostly because it may remove any fear that you child has when trying to ride and balance a bike, I sure know that this product could have helped me when I was a kid.

So, after this useful Ybike balance bikes review, you have seen the usefulness of this product and how practical it is, you can check it out and give Ybike balance bikes a try here!

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